Why Buy an Athletix Kidz Franchise?

Becoming an owner of an AK franchise offers individuals the ability to run a business that will be rewarding and entertaining for you at the same time.

As a business that is still family run, we believe that we can collaborate with our franchisees to continually grow AK and shape the direction that we are heading in. We promise to listen to your feedback and appreciate your insight into what will make your franchise tick.

As part of the franchise, you will receive everything that you will need to run the business both initially and ongoing with personal support from the AK family.

As we look to open our business to franchises this year for the first time ever, you will be part of a legacy for years to come and as a founding franchisee there will be additional benefits for joining us. There seriously has never been a better time to become an AK franchisee!

How to be a successful franchisee?

Athletix Kidz search for people who have a good work ethic, who can take on their franchise with passion and determination. 

You will have the opportunity to be one of our founding franchises and with this, will come additional benefits! If you believe you have the communication and organisational skills and enthusiasm for young children whilst you share their love of sport, then we think that becoming a franchisee of Athletix Kidz could be a great opportunity for you!

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